Monday, October 27, 2008

The "Witching Hour"

This past Saturday night, I found myself in the extraordinary position of an early departure from work. As those who know me are completely aware, I work pretty much every weekend, unless I request off, and usually am closing (meaning I don't finish work until 10 or 11 PM). This Saturday, however, I was only scheduled to work until 6 PM. Since my parents were in Baltimore (Happy Birthday Tiffy!), I had the house to myself. So I got myself something to eat for dinner and proceeded to head home through the torrential downpours.

After arriving at home and making myself cozy, I sat down to watch the Penn State game. (We Are!!!) As usual, I got bored real fast (I don't really understand football and no one made a single point until there were only a couple minutes left in the first half). So I looked through the movie channels and chose a film called (The Exorcism of Emily Rose). It's about a girl who gets possessed by demons and doesn't really know what's wrong. When the doctors suggest epilepsy (the movements the demons cause her to make resemble seizures), the medication doesn't work, so she tries religious treatment. The story is told around the trial of the priest who exorcises her.

Well this movie was incredibly scary. Yet I found myself intrigued and decided to finish watching it until the end. When it was over I was wide awake and couldn't get myself to fall asleep. In the movie, all of the weird stuff that happens to Emily happens at exactly 3:00 in the morning. This is explained as "the witching hour, which demons use to mock the Holy Trinity."

So I kept trying to get myself to fall asleep and finally was able to at around 1:30 AM. But I didn't stay asleep for long. At exactly 3:00, I heard this really loud BANG, and was scared to the point of no return. I ran out of my room, only to find that the stupid cat had been drinking from a bowl in the sink, and her incredibly strong tail had knocked a pan out of the dish rack.

Might she be possessed? I'll keep you posted, readers.


Shani said...

I could NEVER watch a scary movie with no one are much braver than I am!!!

I agree with you about the football thing- the best part is beer and food (you can't get a good look at thier butts!)

NICKI said...

I agree with Shani - the picture alone is enough to do me in!