Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mind Over Matter

It has been a rough past few weeks for me, as most who know me are aware. So I thought I would sit here and think about the happy things going on in my life as a sort of therapeutic little blog entry. This was to be the original name for my blog, to go with my favorite quote:
"Be who you are
And say what you feel
Because those who mind don't matter
And those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss
However "Mind over Matter" was taken already. So here's my list. My "Happy List", as fellow blogger Nicki calls it. (Note to Nicki: you should teach me how to link your page to your name):

1. I have a wonderful loving family, who would do anything for me.

2. I have a job, which is fortunate given the economic circumstances.

3. I kind of like that job, except for the whole "working" part.

4. I have great friends to talk to about those things I can't talk to my family about.

5. There is a new baby in the family, Evangeleen, who I hear is doing well. I am grateful for the fact that she was brought into a good family.

6. My boyfriend, Andrew, and I are doing well. He is in a wedding on Valentine's Day that I will be going to with him.

7. I finally had a day off today to catch up on some cleaning and have a little time for myself. I am excited for dinner with Amber.

8. Despite my issues with money, I am getting back on track and am pretty proud of my success so far.

9. My family members who are no longer here are watching over me at all times, and I often feel their presence when I think about them.

10. The Steeler's won the Super Bowl!!

God Bless America, and Happy Belated Birthday, Uncle Denny!