Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mind Over Matter

It has been a rough past few weeks for me, as most who know me are aware. So I thought I would sit here and think about the happy things going on in my life as a sort of therapeutic little blog entry. This was to be the original name for my blog, to go with my favorite quote:
"Be who you are
And say what you feel
Because those who mind don't matter
And those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss
However "Mind over Matter" was taken already. So here's my list. My "Happy List", as fellow blogger Nicki calls it. (Note to Nicki: you should teach me how to link your page to your name):

1. I have a wonderful loving family, who would do anything for me.

2. I have a job, which is fortunate given the economic circumstances.

3. I kind of like that job, except for the whole "working" part.

4. I have great friends to talk to about those things I can't talk to my family about.

5. There is a new baby in the family, Evangeleen, who I hear is doing well. I am grateful for the fact that she was brought into a good family.

6. My boyfriend, Andrew, and I are doing well. He is in a wedding on Valentine's Day that I will be going to with him.

7. I finally had a day off today to catch up on some cleaning and have a little time for myself. I am excited for dinner with Amber.

8. Despite my issues with money, I am getting back on track and am pretty proud of my success so far.

9. My family members who are no longer here are watching over me at all times, and I often feel their presence when I think about them.

10. The Steeler's won the Super Bowl!!

God Bless America, and Happy Belated Birthday, Uncle Denny!


NICKI said...

Awww...I am sort of crying! And I'm glad you're watching over me too!!
BTW - it looks like you already "follow" my blog. You can list all the blogs you follow on your public page by going to the "customize" tab, and then clicking on "add a gadget". "Followers" is one of the basic gadgets. And be careful!! There are a ton of gadgets out there!

Shani said...

I am always here for you too, Liz!!!