Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shoveling Snow (and ice)

Well it is now almost February and my last blog post was on November 3, 2008. As I was falling asleep last night, I realized that I forgot all about my blog. Then I began thinking about all the things I COULD have written about, and decided I would write mini blog entries to catch myself up.
So, since November 3rd, a few things have happened, such as:

1. Christmas. I was going to write a blog entitled "The Twelve Pains of Redner's",which was going to focus on the annoyingness of customers and the whole Christmas shopping experience. Then I decided that if that came up in a search on Redner's, I could be fired, so I decided not to write that one.

2. Baby Evangeleen. My cousin Lynnly had her baby on New Year's Eve. Congratulations to the whole family!

3. New Year's. I have a new boyfriend, Andrew, who I spent New Year's Eve Night with. We went to dinner and then watched the New Year's show in New York City on TV. My blog post was going to talk about kisses and how everyone wants someone to kiss on New Year's, but then decided that may not be appropriate given the fact that family members read this. :)

4. The Penn State Bowl Game. I was going to write about it after we won but....

5. Girl Scout Cookies. I heart girl scout cookies. I thought about when Tiff had her 21st birthday and dressed up as drinks and Laura borrowed my girl scout uniform. I didn't really experience that night though (not really sure I would want to either heehee). So I was going to talk about my girl scout experiences which may be pretty boring.

And of course, the massive amounts of snow that have fallen. Which is a topic that is still available since we had snow yesterday. Mom and Tiff had off work. Luckily I did not receive any calls, ("Snow Day!") because I still had to go into work. :( As my siblings may remember, snow means shoveling. For hours. And unfortunately I am the only able-bodied "teenager" left at home, so that burden is left to me. Despite past memories, it is not as bad as I remember. It would have been more fun had we gotten the toboggan out, but that's beside the point. It's a lot easier now that the driveway actually becomes clean at some point, and now that we have a working snowblower and nifty little salting contraption, which is actually quite fun to use. But when it comes to the actual shoveling, not so fun. Nor is the bringing in of the wood for the wood stove, or the chopping of the trees for the wood stove. (Note to siblings: I miss you terribly)

And no, Moxie does not count as an able-bodied shoveler.