Monday, October 20, 2008

Save the Best for Last

I remember being a child, sitting around a campfire at Girl Scout Camp, making s'mores. It was one of the best parts of Girl Scout Camp. The only problem was, I didn't want to set my marshmallow on fire (the thought scared me, in fact). Alas, I was the last to smush my marshmallow with the two graham cracker halves, the last to get a piece of chocolate for the middle, and the last to enjoy my creation. I remember always loving the s'more despite the delay in enjoyment, however, looking back, the thing that pops into my head first is the fact that my piece of chocolate was always smaller than my graham crackers (there were a lot of Girl Scouts and only a six-pack of Hershey bars).

So to solve this problem, I shoved the chocolate to the back of the s'more, and started from the chocolate-free end. This proved to be a good decision, because when I took the last several bites, they were the parts I enjoyed the most. "Save the best for last," I always say!

Tonight, however, I was spoiled. My friend Christine and I were at work (the deli in Redner's) and a customer told her son that they would make s'mores on the grill that night. Well, once I heard that, I craved the campfire-treat like I hadn't had one in years. Which is because I hadn't. So I told Christine about my trip back to Memory Lane, and she suggested we make some on our stove. So she went on her break and bought the necessary supplies, while I stayed behind and worked (Work, shmerk!).

Later, when she returned, we turned on the stove and watched the flame ignite, thinking this was fairly close to a real campfire. We each placed a marshmallow on the tip of a knife and held it over the flame. Thinking I better finish this fast, I stuck my marshmallow right into the flames and watched it catch fire.

The blackened marshmallow didn't look quite as appealing as my lightly browned ones of the past did, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from enjoying my first s'more in about five years. I placed the marshmallow on top of a graham cracker and anxiously waited for my piece of chocolate. Surprised at having received an entire half of a bar, I wondered if they would be as good as I remembered.

Well, no... They were better! There was no saving the best for last, because the entire thing was good. Like I said... spoiled!

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NICKI said...

Mmm...sounds tasty! The last S'more I had was untasty for two reasons: 1 - I could not taste due to a very bad cold, and 2 - It was at the Michigan game 2 years ago at midnight and it was 30 degrees outside. The s'more froze almost immediately.