Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just Another Weekend

I am told that I do not write on my blog enough, so here is an update with many stories. As I stated in a previous entry, a lot is expected of the Baer children in the way of outside housework. So for those of you who do not know (this is me assuming people may read my blog who are not in my family), my parents are building onto their house, where I still live. Therefore, it is unofficially my job to do all the outside stuff that was once a collective effort of all my siblings (notice I did not say me AND my siblings, unless you count it "effort" when you complain enough for everyone combined- then I would have done my part). Such jobs include removing siding, crawling around on the ground underneath, and moving heavy pieces of rejected materials to other parts of the yard solely to look pretty there. (Because we all know dad will never actually do anything with it.) Though I must say that the addition is looking progressively more like a room, I miss the collective help that would get the odd jobs done faster.
Here is the latest view of the new room, where the last completed task was attaching the wood part of the roof to the trusses. Monday, they will be gluing down the rubber part of the roof.

Other outside jobs are much more fun, such as picking blueberries. I made a blueberry crumb dessert last week, which was gone in two days, and we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast today :) Fortunately, the season is long enough that we get our fill of blueberries during the season, so the thought of them throughout the rest of the year is not sickening, as it always was for other fruits and vegetables. To this day, my sisters refuse to eat corn because of the amount they were forced to eat as children.

In other news, my mom, sister, and I went to Penn State on Thursday for the Festival of the Arts. The main agenda was to find decorations for the new room, however we also strayed to the jewelry stands and kitchen utensils. The morning was spent at the Boalsberg festival, where the prices are lower, and the stuff for sale is just as nice. Unfortunately, there are no buildings or trees surrounding the stands there, so we did have a slight episode of sun stroke, but nothing requiring medical attention, so we looked at it as a successful trip. Then we headed over to the Penn State festival, where we met up with my cousins and looked around some more, but this was more for leisure than for purchasing. Afterwards, we had a little Creamery ice cream treat, because no trip to Penn State is complete without some overindulgence. So aside from the sun stroke, the minor bumping of bumpers, and the overexcited GPS navigation by Mr. T, we had a fun day.


NICKI said...

What about the three million things in other parts of the house which are supposed to go in the room?

Jamie said...

I didn't get ice cream.