Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Moxie Baer!

Today is my dog's birthday. For anyone who doesn't know (again, pretending I have people who read my blog who aren't family), I am slightly obsessed with Moxie. I have been seen doing all of the following at some point because I love my dog SO much:

1. Letting her lick my plate when I am finished eating.
2. Letting her lick my plate while I am still eating.
3. Dressing her in Penn State attire for football games.
4. Standing out in the cold while she does her business, so she won't have to suffer the cold very long.
5. Cleaning up after her when she does her business where she is not supposed to.
6. Knitting her a sweater with an "m" on it.
7. Changing her collar to match whatever the next holiday is.
8. Making her special treats for her birthday.
9. Having birthday parties for her to which the ENTIRE family is invited. (However, this was only done once, because it was her 21st. It had to be done right)
10. Allowing her to sleep under the covers in my bed with me so she isn't cold.
11. Actually keeping a bed on my bed with me so she can sleep with me when she isn't cold.
12. Breaking all her treats up every time we buy a new bag so they are bite-sized for her little teeth.
13. Carrying her up the stairs when she was incapacitated (surgery on her leg).
14. Playing her protector during fireworks or thunderstorms (actually this is really cute- she follows me around the house and then squishes herself up next to me when I'm sitting down).
15. Writing blogs about how spoiled she is.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that make my dog spoiled. But she deserves to be spoiled on her birthday, so I must go spoil her further!

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NICKI said...

Would you let me lick your plate while you are still eating??