Sunday, April 5, 2009

Free Gift Syndrome

Today I woke up at 9:30 am by my mom who said, "Want to go to Sam's?" Little did I know that the real reason for the trip was not the fact that we were preparing for Easter. It was a little yellow piece of paper stating that Muhlenberg School Employees would get a free gift if they were among the first fifty people in line. We were there at approximately 10:18, and the paper said 10:30, but of course all the other people who had said yellow paper in hand, were there early as well.

Unfortunately, my mom, who is the Muhlenberg Employee, neglected to read the part that said you were required to register ahead of time. But no, this did not stop us. As we approached the front of the line, we heard that the person behind us failed to register as well. So my mom, with all her Gill whit, got to the front of the line and told them that she "tried to call, but it kept ringing and ringing, and when someone finally answered, they said we didn't need to register." Well then the people behind us told the same story, and instead of not believing us, the people from the store said, "They did the same thing to them!"

So we got our free gift in the end. Then we proceeded to walk all around Sam's collecting various free samples (and, I should add, buying almost ALL of them-- Everything in excess!!) along with the things we needed for Easter, all adding up to a mere 200 something dollars.

But, we left our beloved Sammy's with all the things on our list, full tummies, and yes, our free gift.

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NICKI said...

What was the gift??? Oh goodness, the suspense is killing me!